Chinese New Year Lo-Hei

29 January, 2014

We couldn’t let Chinese New Year go by without celebrating with the ubiquitous “Yusheng“. This raw fish salad is traditionally prepared by Chinese families in Singapore and Malaysia to bring “abundance, prosperity and luck” for the following year and parents and school leaders were invited to take part.
Indeed, the talents of the QtPSG Steering Committee was found to know no bounds as under Kelly’s tutelage we learnt how to prepare each ingredient from scratch ourselves!
Our knowledgeable Principal, Mrs Grace Chua, then did the honours, speaking the auspicious words as each ingredient was added, taking the time to explain the meaning and symbolism behind each component – which proved a fascinating learning experience not just for the international mums and dads, but many local parents, too.
Then, of course, we all stepped in armed with our chopsticks for the “Lo Hei” – tradition states that the “higher the salad is tossed in the air, the higher the diner’s growth in fortune” as we say the auspicious words “越捞越起,捞到风生水起” HUAT AH!!!!!
Rest assured, we were picking bits off the ceiling for days!



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