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What is FamilyMatters! ?


Based on the premise that strong and stable families contribute to social stability and harmony, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) initiates many family policies and programmes aimed at fostering a social environment conducive to family formation and the strengthening of family ties. FamilyMatters! is one such initiative that seeks to empower you with the resources, knowledge and skills to build a  strong, happy family; it partners schools, workplaces and community organisations to bring these resources closer to you at each life stage. It also works with businesses to create a family friendly environment for you and your family.


At the school level, FamilyMatters@School (FM@S) aims to equip parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships. MSF works closely with schools, parent support groups and parent volunteers so that parents can easily get access to family life programmes that help them better connect with their children.