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Hi Parents!

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Getting involved makes a difference in your child’s life. Research proves that parent involvement is important. They show that the more parents are involved, the more likely the child will succeed
Here’s what the research shows…..
Children with involved parents,
get better grades and score higher on tests
▪ attend school regularly
▪ have better social skills
▪ get their homework done
are more positive about school
are more likely to graduate and go on to higher education

Every Parent CAN DO IT!

Every involved parent CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Tips for Getting Involved:
▪ Build a relationship with your child’s teacher. Use email, handwritten notes, or whatever works for the two of you.
Talk to your child about his/her day at school.
Read with your child. Even older kids benefits from reading aloud.
Keep learning active and fun at home.
Be a Homework Coach. Let your child take responsibility but stay aware of assignments.
▪ Join the parent support group at your child’s school.
Children benefit when parents are more active in their school environment:
▪ Children tend to show more positive attitudes
▪ Children tend to bridge the cultural gap between school and home
▪ Children tend to be less prone to behavioural issues


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