On 11 April 2015, QtPSG organized the Cyber Wellness & Sexuality workshop, where the parents learned from Jim Lim of Real Academy, how to protect their kids from cyber bullying and exposure to sexual predators. 

In this interactive hands-on workshop, parents sat in front of laptops and explored the YouTube plus uncovered many blogging tips. At the end of the 4 hour session, our parents realised what harm & benefits online videos and information can bring to their children and that they can have a better understanding and control of the internet usage by knowing : –
1. The common uses of the Web & their dangers – blogs, Social
    Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.), forums, Internet gaming      
    and surfing. 
2. How to ensure Internet safety – protecting personal identity,
    phishing etc. 
3. How to use Internet monitoring tools
4. Understanding VPN
5. Knowing the sources of sexuality and how to deal with it
6. What are the popular sexually internet acronyms youngsters are
    using today.

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