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Be a QtPSG Volunteer!

We welcome all parents who would like to contribute their time and expertise to help out with PSG activities. There is no better way to keep abreast of the goings-on in school than to be personally involved, and through the process, get to know fellow parents, QtPS staffs and understand the school system.


Our QtPSG Structure will give you a good overview of the various areas that interested parents may help with. Whether you are looking to volunteer for ad-hoc projects, or able to commit some time on a regular basis, we are sure you will find activities or programmes that suit both your time and interest.


If you have other specific skills that would benefit the school and PSG in any way, such as photography, video production, coaching etc., drop us a note at qtpsgcomm@gmail.com.


We aspire to make a difference in the lives of our school community.  Let’s help in whichever way we can to make QtPS a better place for our children’s education.


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School Support

Those who wish to help out on an ad-hoc or regular basis may consider the School Support team.
You may choose to help with selected or all events based on your availability.

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If you enjoy reading to children and helping them to improve their language proficiency, you may consider helping with the morning reading programme.
There are 2 on-going morning reading programmes in the school conducted by parent volunteers from QtPSG.


Morning Reading

Regular English and Chinese reading sessions are conducted by parent volunteers in the morning before classes begin, to improve the reading skills of the selected students.


English Reading (also known as AM Read)

In English Read programme, we aim to build confidence in reading, help students read with understanding and inculcate a love for reading. Your role as a parent volunteer is to develop a rapport with students, motivate and encourage students to read, read together, as well as play games and activities to increase their English literacy.
Our sessions are conducted twice a week for selected P1 and P2 students only.


Chinese Reading

Chinese Read provides assistance for students to practice/prepare their Chinese Oral examinations skills.
We aspire to provide a good Chinese speaking environment so that students are more confident with their oral examinations and have a better command in Chinese.
Chinese Read sessions comprise of
1. Reading a short passage with the student
2. Assisting in stimulus-based conversation
Our sessions are conducted once a week for selected P6 students only.








Special Events

Special Events refer to the National Education events which are celebrated by all schools on the same day. They are :
Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony, International Friendship Day, National Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day



Activities under this area focus on SHAring life experiences, knowledge and skills with students and parents, as well as striving to REach out to the community through social services.
What We Do - SHA-RE

Junior Achievement (JA)





If you are curious about how lessons are conducted and how your child learns in the classroom, or if you wish to help QtPS students learn about work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy, be a Junior Achievement (JA) volunteer. JA is conducted once a year.


Junior Achievement is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Through a dedicated volunteer network, Junior Achievement provides in-school and after-school programmes for students from Kindergarten to Junior College, which focus on three key content areas: work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.


JA at QtPS:
  • External and parent volunteers introduce the basics of financial literacy and economic concepts like working, earning, saving, taxes, businesses in our communities and entrepreneurship from P1 through P6.
  • Through engaging stories and level-appropriate activities, the JA materials and volunteers provide our children with the real-world perspective and equip them with the business and economic savvy requisite of a well-educated workforce.
  • Parent volunteers are required to spend 10 hours (over 2 to 3 days) during school hours to conduct the JA programme, with 2 volunteers leading each class.
  • Training will be provided for volunteers.
For more information about JA Singapore, visit JA Singapore.



In QtPSG, we do not just serve and support the school, but also believe in giving back to the community through projects of charitable causes.


Marketing and Communication (MarComm)

This team manages all communication efforts of the QtPSG, including creating of Class WhatsApp Group (CWG), managing Class Ambassadors (CAs), maintaining our website and Facebook page as well as disseminating of news and information to our parents at QtPS.


Class WhatsApp Group (CWG) – The purpose is to help parents get closer to their child’s classroom parents. It would enable parents to assist, communicate and support each other. But also, to receive news and information about the events and activities that are organised by QtPS or QtPSG.
Class Ambassador (CA) – There is one CA assigned for each class at all levels. CA acts as a communication bridge between parents and QtPS/QtPSG to bring news and information about what is happening at the school as well as in QtPSG.
Website & Facebook Page – We constantly update information or post photos and videos of the events organised by QtPSG, fathers@QtPSG and Family Matters @ School. We keep these social media up-to-date for parents.


The MarComm team would value the contributions of those who have a flair for writing and are internet/tech-savvy, or simply has an interest in this area. Join us, pick up some new skills (or teach us!) and at the same time, help to keep fellow QtPS parents in touch with events or activities. We and you together could make our children’s academic journey in QtPS more colorful and meaningful.


B.F.F (Building Friendship Forever)

No parent walks this journey alone.  B.F.F organise recreational activities as a platform for parent volunteers to foster closer friendship.

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