Appreciation Breakfast 2019

The school appreciated over 200 active parent volunteers who are supporting the holistic development of the students.
Building Relationship🀝
P – You bring to us, Passion and Purpose, in all that you do
A – Always Affirming the efforts of QtPS
R – Reaching out with a Helping Hand, Touching us with a Heart of Gold
T – Taking PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Demonstrating Excellence) in everything you do
N – Never Give Up when the tough gets going
E – Endless Love for the Community of QtPS
R – Resourcefulness in more ways than One
S – With heartfelt Sincerity, Team QtPS thank you


QtPSG Members & Events 2019


QtPSG Appreciation Breakfast - Count on Me!


QtPSG Appreciation Breakfast - Thank You....Thank You....PSG!


QtPSG Appreciation Breakfast - Photo Gallery

Appreciation Breakfast 2019

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