Father and Child Fun Morning

26 April, 2014

On 26 April, we had our inaugural fathers@QtPSG event which was graced by our Principal, Mrs Chua. The event aims to encourage and create opportunities for fathers to bond with their children, as well as to network and interact with other fathers.
More than 20 fathers attended with their kids. They had a fun time hunting for “treasures” within the school compound. It was a good chance for the kids to show their dads around the school. Even though most were sweaty by the end of the treasure hunt session, they were smiling and chatty. The finale was a father-child look-alike contest and a bento lunch for everyone.
Everyone agreed that the event was a resounding success and almost all were asking when the next fathers@QtPSG event will be!!



Performance by children




An unforgettable morning…


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Photos courtesy of Intan LY Photography