Going the Distance (Laser Tag)

8 November 2014

Despite the unpredictable weather prior to the “big day”, Laser Tag Day was surprisingly sunny and bright for the 50-odd participants. As we tottled excitedly along the slightly muddy paths of the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden at Botanic Gardens, we were surprised to find ourselves surrounded by banana trees – which eventually turned out to be our “covers” for the game. As the dads and mums plan out the strategies of attack and defense, the children quickly picked up the skills of manipulating the laser tag gun to be used as weapons of assault and learned how to protect their base.  Through fun and games, the families soon understood the importance of teamwork and communication to create family bonding. At the same time, the parents also found out about their own parenting styles which would be useful as they discover how to support their children and their own individual needs.

More pictures from our Queenstown Primary School PSG facebook page