Kite Design and Flying @ West Coast Park March 2015

28th March 2015, 0900hrs, Cloudy day.

A group of fathers and kids gathered at Queenstown Primary School waiting to collect their kites and coloring sets. Transportation arrived on the dot and we moved out to the rendezvous.

Despite the cloudy sky, the wind gave a promising outlook to a good start for the kid’s kite flying day. Once we reached the destination, the kite designing competition was conducted in a haste as everyone couldn’t wait to finish and fly their kites.

As the sky starts to clear up, a number of kites starts to soar into the sky. In a wink, the sky is flooded with kites of different unique design and colors. Kids were running around keeping their kites in the air. The best gift from God can be seen as the fathers bonded with their kids.

2-3 hrs of running and laughter brings the event to a stop for a lunch of burger and fries. All the beautiful kites were gathered and hanged up for the judges to pick the top design. Public bystanders helped us and the Top 3 kites were born with prizes given to the kids.